"Mother's Day Flowers" by Julie Rustad (1997)
“Mother’s Day Flowers” by Julie Rustad (1997)

To sleep in – It would be mind blowing amazing if we could sleep in, even just for a day. We love our little guys and gals, but we would be even more excited to be able to wake up on our own accord as a special treat.

Julie Rustad's Sleeping Cats
Here’s how to sleep in…

Unlimited massages forever – Ok, I know that’s not super realistic, but getting a massage is at the top of my list. It’s funny how I went regularly when I was pregnant for the prenatal massages and yoga – but post baby–those things fall off the “To Do List”. It’s an ultimate pampering experience. AHHHHHH — I want one now 🙂

Cleaning service – I know that a professional cleaning person won’t be there to do the dishes every night (I WISH!), but they could take care of some of the heavy-lifting, scrubbing etc..that neither of us seem to do as often as we should.

Beautiful artwork – Now that the house is all clean from the cleaning service you got us..we should add some colorful artwork to the walls. The whole family will benefit from having uplifting images throughout the house. I heard that there’s a bunch of prints for sale for only $25 at Julie Originals!

DESERT ROSE by Julie Rustad
“Desert Rose” by Julie Rustad

Mom’s Night Out  – As much as we’d love a date night, nothing compares to a night out with fellow Moms. It’s so much better than going to see a comedy at the movies. We get served good food, have a drink and share hilarious stories while all dressed up. Half the time we don’t even recognize each other because we aren’t in our pony tails and sweats ensemble.

A sentimental message – Taking the time to write a sweet message in a beautiful greeting card, is a very thoughtful way to say thanks on Mother’s Day. Having the kids sign their names (or scribble) is a bonus. Mom will surely keep the card and most likely refer to it throughout the year. Here’s some greeting card options.

If you purchase a Julie Originals print before May 12th, I’ll include one blank greeting card for free. Use the code MOM when you check out.

Pipevine Swallowtail Butterfly Greeting Card by Julie Originals
“Pivevine Swallowtail” Greeting Card by Julie Originals

PS. Don’t forget lots of hugs and kisses! Moms really just want their families to be happy. By physically showing your love and support you can make your Mom feel like a million bucks on Mother’s Day.

Moms – Is there anything you’d like to add?

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