I just completed my second painting out of the 26 I am planning on painting this month! Here’s photos of how I painted this in two hours.bighorn sheepB is for BIGHORN SHEEP
This time I chose to paint a Bighorn sheep. This is my letter “B” animal for my alphabet animal project. Although I haven’t seen any of them while hiking, I have been able to watch them at the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum. It’s pretty amazing how they scale their mountainous  terrain.

1) Usually I first try to cover the canvas with color immediately. Then I created a sketch of the sheep’s body.

2) I start adding in more light and dark values to start defining it’s shape more.

3) Then I went to an even smaller brush to start adding more detail. I also worked with other colors besides brown to start making the painting more interesting. Instead of using a black paint, I mixed one of my dark blues with a reddish brown to give a nice dark hue to use for the shadows on the sheep. I also used different values of red for the rocks, instead of just a grayish color.

4) At the very end I fine tuned the painting by adding the very small details to the sheep and also adding some cracks and texture to the rocks it is standing on.

Just like the Anna’s Hummingbird painting, I completed this in two hours. Although I  am getting a real process down for this project, I better move quickly to finish the remaining 24 alphabetic animals!

What animal do you think “C” will be?

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