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I’ve got some tips for one of the best festivals, the The Tucson Festival of Books. This is the 5th year and it attracts more than 100,000 book-lovers to the UA Mall. It is March 9th and 10th and is so much fun!

Syver Jon at Julie Originals BoothHave a game plan. It is huge – with a zilion tents lining the mall. There are scheduled performances, workshops and author signings throughout the day. Make sure to highlight the one’s you’d like to attend and be closer to that area. The volunteers working for the Tucson Festival of Books are very friendly and have maps and can direct you to where you need to go.

Sun protection. Many people come from other cities and states for this festival and might not be aware of the sun. Bring sunscreen and wear a hat and sunglasses. If would be awful to have to leave early because of too much sun. Pack a few waters as well. There will be vendors selling lemonade and other drinks, so you can always replenish.

Snacks. There will be lots of fantastic vendors there, but as a Mom of a two year old I advise to have a granola bar and some crackers on hand. You wouldn’t want to have to leave one of the fantastic children’s performances in the middle because your child is hungry. Then after it’s over, head to the food vendors.Michelle at Julie Originals Booth

Address labels. What? Many of the booths have drawings for gift baskets – if you bring your address labels, you save time with probably only having to add an email address to the form.

Conversate. I know this isn’t a word, but what I mean by this is that are so many insanely talented authors, artists, vendors and organizations in one place. There will be lots of free stuff and although it will be tempting to just pick up goodies and move on to the next booth, you won’t be really making the most of your time . Where else would you have the chance to talk to the people that created the book and ask how they came up with the idea or how long they’ve been illustrating etc? Its amazing the things you can learn from asking questions. I think it helps connect a special memory to that book that you’ll remember every time you read it.Julie Originals Booth

I am so excited for this years festival. Visit me at the Julie Originals Booth #421 in the Children’s Area.

See you at the 2013 Tucson Festival of Books.

Please add more tips in the comments section!

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