Ever seen a 7’8″ robot made of metal, then made of paper that was hand painted? Well you’re in luck! Introducing…..“Tom the Robot“!

"Tom the Robot" by Julie Rustad
“Tom the Robot” by Julie Rustad – 16″x20″ collage using upcycled hand painted papers

This project began when I decided to decorate my 2.5 year old son, Syver’s room with robots. We already own two colorful robot prints by artist Raina Gentry and I was looking to create more robot art for his special space.

In Pop-Cycle on 4th Ave, we bought one of the adorable metal banks by Aaron Voigt. I looked up the Voigt Metal website. It’s full of robot banks, metal dogs and my inspiration for Syver’s room, Tom the robot!

This gentle giant is one’s of Voigt Metals very special robots. Not only is he super tall, but he looks like a nice guy. This was the robot that I wanted on my son’s wall.

Tom's roasted peanuts Robot and his creator Aaron Voigt
Tom’s roasted peanuts Robot and his creator Aaron Voigt

After taking a fabulous workshop in Sedona with Elizabeth St. Hilaire Nelson, I got to work making the collage of found papers that would become the final “Tom the Robot” paper painting. My little artist, Syver, helped me out too!

Although it took me longer than I hoped, I am so happy to hang “Tom the Robot” in Syver’s room!

How do you like this new technique I learned?

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