Our son was asleep and we were looking for a movie to watch. We came across, “The Secret” on Netflix. The intro was so extreme, we almost turned it off. Once the secret was revealed, I was more interested. I do believe in the law of attraction and wanted to listen to others opinions about it.

I do think that if you have clear, visual goals you are more likely to make something happen. I also agree that the energy and feelings you radiate can affect those around you and can help you succeed.

My inspiration and motivation!
My inspiration and motivation!

Like “The Secret”, I believe that when you have a goal, you don’t have to know the exact path you’ll take in the beginning. When I came up with the concept of the Desert Dwellers Flash Cards, I knew I wanted to create, paint and design the set of cards – but I didn’t have a clue on how to manufacture them and get them into stores. But that was OK!….It still happened!

To make my goal of selling Desert Dwellers Flash Cards, I asked a lot of questions to people that have already created their own products. From children’s book publishers to successful artists with products, I learned a lot from them. This gave me the confidence to contact various print vendors to get the conversation going.

I realize now that when I first started, I didn’t need all of the answers at once. The only thing I needed was a good idea and the belief that I could do it. I think many of us have amazing ideas and inventions, but then think — but I don’t know how to actually make it–so I am not going to try.

Can you relate to this?

My Desert Dwellers Flash Cards are sold in the Desert Museum gift shop! Once of my goals for the set.
My Desert Dwellers Flash Cards are now sold in the Desert Museum gift shop. One of my initial goals!

In “The Secret”, there are some things I did not agree with – for example, that if you worry about your bike getting stolen – it will probably get stolen. I know that this was a way for them to illustrate what they meant – but c’mon.

What do you think about the examples in the movie?

Overall I am glad I watched it and it got me thinking. I think I will continue to have goals, but even increase the amount of CLARITY I have about them. Instead of saying, “I want to sell my Desert Dwellers Flash Cards nationally.”, I might add details to this goal like..”By November, I want to sell my flash cards on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Land of the Nod. I also want to have them listed as a children’s holiday gift in Real Simple and featured on Today Moms blog.”

Maybe because I am publishing these goals it will happen. I HOPE SO!!!

Did reading or watching The Secret change the way you think?

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