Lots of families came to Barnes & Noble this morning and participated during the Desert Dwellers event!
Thanks to Ann Marie, Amy and Serena for sending me photos and to all the families who rocked out with The Nap Skippers!

Desert Dwellers FLash Cards available at Barnes & Noble.
Exciting to sell my Desert Dwellers Flash Cards at the Barnes & Noble Westside location!






kids at Barnes & Noble
Lots of kids were having fun at the Desert Dwellers event!


The Nap Skippers play new Desert Dwellers song at Barnes & Noble.
Syver holding up a Desert Dwellers Flash card during the new interactive Desert Dwellers song!


Rustad family The Nap Skippers play at Barnes & Noble
Julie, Syver and Jon Rustad of The Nap Skippers playing at Barnes & Noble.


desert animal alphabet poster by Julie Rustad
Julie Rustad and Jenny Karson of Julie Originals with the Desert Dwellers Alphabet Poster.

We had a blast and will work on planning a future event there!

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