Thank you to TucsonTopia for including my Desert Dwellers Flash Cards in their 2014 Holiday Gift Guide!

Tucson holiday gifts for kids
2014 Shop Local Holiday Gift Guide by Tucson Topia

Not only are Desert Dwellers Flash Cards in the “For the Kids” category but so are some of the awesome places that sell them, like Mildred & Dildred and Little Bird Nesting Company. The Gift Guide also includes other categories for foodies, athletes, and bookworms!

Read the whole TucsonTopia Shop Local Gift Guide here!

desert animal alphabet flash cards made by artist and mom Julie Rustad
Tucson Kids playing with Desert Dwellers Flash Cards

If you live in Arizona, buy Desert Dwellers Flash Cards from any of these awesome Arizona retailers!

Desert Dwellers Flash Cards by Julie Rustad desert animals alphabet
Desert Dwellers Flash Cards by Artist Julie Rustad.

Desert Dwellers are also available online with free shipping here.

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