Quail Greeting Card by Julie Originals

What is the most meaningful message you ever received? Mine was a letter handwritten on cute teddy bear stationery in 1997. It was the first contact I ever had with my birth-mom.

It’s amazing how one letter can change your life! She wrote back to me letting me know that she always thought of me and wanted to look for me, but didn’t want to bug me. She included her phone number and said we should talk on the phone. From that moment our relationship started, and a hole that I always had – began filling up.

We continue to keep in touch and we just visited with her and my half-brother and rest of the family over Christmas. She still sends real letters which are really nice, although I haven’t been as good about returning the snail mail favor. I tend to send a quick email message.

Now that I’ve created my own greeting cards, I’m going to send more “real” letters. No excuses! They really do show someone that you are thinking of them.

Pipevine Swallowtail Butterfly Greeting Card by Julie Originals

It can take just a matter of minutes to send something that is WAY more impactful than an email.

Want to join me in my effort to send more “real letters”?

Comment below to be entered in to a drawing for a pack of my Julie Originals greeting cards! Winner will be chosen March 31st!

Which Julie Originals greeting card do you think your loved one will like most?

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