Elf Owl in Tucson Arizona Painting by Julie Originals

Owls are the new “birds”. What I mean is that currently on ETSY, there are 86,821 items that are selling with owls on them. For awhile, anything that was hip or whimsical had a bird on it (Portlandia’s Put A Bird On it)

Owls on Etsy

Now everywhere I look I see owls! I am not an owl hater – in fact, Tucson is home to one of THE CUTEST and SMALLEST OWL’S EVER… The Elf Owl!

Elf Owl Photo by Roger Hirschman
© Roger Hirschman / ASDM Sonoran Desert Digital Library

The Elf Owl was the subject of my fifth painting for my alphabet animal series. I chose to paint one sitting on a cactus. I wish that I could have somehow captured the scale of it better – they are only about 5″ tall. Did I mention – they’re sooooo cute!

I had much more fun painting this guy versus the snake I previously painted. I might even sell some art prints of the painting. Then I could own the 86,822 owl item on ETSY!

Have you purchased anything with an owl on it?

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