Jon, Julie, Dad
My husband Jon on my left and my Dad on the right!

I love my Dad. He always supports me. It’s even more remarkable that he is like this despite his experience with his own biological father. When he was a few years old, his biological father left him, his three sisters and Mom. He didn’t have a Dad.

Now that I am older, I wonder how he knew how to be a good Dad to me? He could have easily took off when there were fights. He could have ditched us and moved across the country for greener pastures too. But he didn’t.

Celebrating my birthday in NY!
Celebrating my birthday in NY!

He was always there for me. Picking me up from school and taking me to piano lessons. Bringing me home art supplies from the school he taught Math at. Rooting me on at tennis matches and feeding me zillions of tennis balls to practice. He even came to my rescue in middle school!

Somehow my Dad figured out how NOT to be like his own biological father. I know that you don’t automatically become your parents, but I do believe that your parents can really affect how you deal with other people, spouses, and children in the future.

Syver following Jon  - learning how to balance!
Syver following Jon – learning how to balance!

Because my Dad was around and was supportive of me – I knew when I met my husband Jon, that he would also be a supportive, loving and present Dad. I am thankful that my son not only has the best Dad, but also the best Grandpa. One who tells him that he loves him and that will always be there for him.

Grandpa showing Syver some cool dirt techniques.
Grandpa showing Syver some cool dirt digging techniques.

Thanks Dad! Happy Father’s Day! – Love Julie

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