I have the best assistant for my new paper painting collage. He’s enthusiastic, creative and loves color as much as I do.

Syver is one special two and a half year old. We’ve taken art at a Parks and Rec class together and now he is helping me with a more complicated piece.

A paper painting robot for his room.  “Tom the Robot” is a larger than life metal robot created by Arizona artist Aaron Voigt. Check out Voigt Metal’s robot banks too!

The first step was to get organized. Syver used his extensive color knowledge to help me sort our painted papers by color.

Painted Paper Piles with SYver
Papers sorted by color

Then he used crayons on a white paper bag that was opened up. Together we wrote some words, scribbles, robots and traced our hands.


Then it was time for the acrylic paint. “Tom the Robot” is red, so we decided we could never have enough red paper. Right Elizabeth St. Hilaire Nelson? IMG_1806

Here’s my little artist in action!IMG_1809

Then after a busy morning painting papers, Syver took a nap. This was my chance to start applying some of the papers to my under-painting. Here’s the progress so far!

IMG_1845I love my little artist so much! Follow the blog to see how “Tom the Robot” turns out.

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