Tucson Gifts
I bought all of these wonderful gifts this morning in Tucson!

My Mom, Syver, and I ventured out in the rain this morning to go shopping at Maynards Holiday Market. Not only did I stock up on really special gifts under $20, we had a blast in the process!

It was fun seeing friends from Local First Arizona along with making new friends throughout our shopping experience. Syver enjoyed sampling the Strawberry Kiwi jelly from Margy’s and I enjoyed drinking a cup of Cowboy Joe’s coffee.

The highlight of the shopping experience for Syver was getting to meet Santa over at the Train Museum. He was mesmerized and didn’t want to stop chillin with Santa.

Syver and Santa
I wonder what they were talking about?

After we left downtown, we drive over to Ben’s Bells Project on University. We helped paint some kindness coins and had a blast!

Syver Rustad and Ben's Bells
He loved painting at Ben’s Bells!

It was an enjoyable way to spend time together this afternoon, plus I got to do a little more holiday shopping after. There is a ton of fantastic gifts to give from Ben’s Bells Project.

Ben's Bells Merchandise
Ben’s Bells ornaments, kindness coins and bumper stickers are fantastic gifts.

Now we are back home, Syver is taking his nap and I am happily wrapping holiday presents. What a fun way to shop!

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