Personalized Painted Frame Before and After

I wanted to make a cute frame for a cute kid. It was for her first birthday and I knew I wanted to make a special gift.

I had a blast making over a plain wood frame! Maybe it’s because I don’t really make super girly flowery things for Syver? Go figure…

Here’s how I did it – step by step!

1) The frame was one of those wooden one’s that you can get at Michael’s. (It was on sale for a $1!)

Before - Wood $1 Frame from Michaels

2) Before starting to awesomefy this frame, I wanted to come up with a style that would match the birthday girl’s fun personality and room! She is a happy and easy going baby. Her room decor is pink and chocolate brown. Her Mom dresses her in cute outfits, including floral – so I decided that flowers would be one of the design elements.

3) I painted the entire frame a bright pink. Then added some flowers and swirls using acrylic paint and a small brush.

Flowers on Custom Frame by Julie Originals

4) I used stickers to spell out her name. These stickers were on a sheet for scrap-booking. They actually stuck on really well.

5) Then I used the Martha Stewart Glitter Glue 24-Pack to add sparkle. I accented the letters in the name and used it to add a stroke around the flowers. I loved how easy the glitter glue was to use.

Glitter and Paint on Custom Frame by Julie Originals

(I wish my photos looked better of these stages – I was working at night and used my desk lamp to light them – it did not do the glitter and colors justice!)

6) At this point I could have been done — but I didn’t want to give a frame without a photo. So I found a snapshot of the birthday girl and my son playing. The original photo looked too busy within the frame, so I did some photo editing in Photoshop.

As you can see in the revised version:

  • Instead of using the 4-color version, I created a duotone using a warm yellow and a dark blue
  • Then I highlighted the ladybug by painting it pink and changing the blending mode of the layer
  • Finally I cropped it so that the emphasis was on the kiddos

Photo Editing for Personalized Photo Frame

7) Here’s the finished the gift! I am really satisfied with how the edited photo worked within the custom frame.

Personalized Art Frame by Julie Originals

8) Although most people don’t see the back. I added a note behind the photo with a birthday wish and my new Julie Originals stamp.

Julie Originals Back of Custom Frame

I am happy to say that I saw the frame in her room today! That is one of the best feelings.

Have you created a custom frame? I’d love to hear about your DIY frame transformations.

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