Looking for an artistic gift for a teacher, friend, colleague or family member?
Prints of any Julie Rustad’s “Desert Dwellers” make finding a unique art gift very easy!

Northern Mockingbird Print Framed by Julie Rustad
This framed “Northern Mockingbird” print makes a beautiful addition to a lovely sun room in Virginia.

The prints can be easily shipped anywhere in the US and make a striking first impression. Here are three of the “Desert Dwellers” prints matted and in the protective clear envelope – ready to find their new home! All of the prints are in an 11″x14″ ivory mat and ready to be framed.

Matted Prints of Frog, butterfly and Chipmunk by Julie Rustad
The “Yavapai Leopard Frog”, “Pipevine Swallowtail”, and “Uinta Chipmunk” are ready to be shipped!

Along with the prints, an artist bio is included. Julie would be happy to sign any of the prints or include a custom note.


Front and Back of Prints by Julie Rustad
Prints come in a clear protective envelope and an artist bio is included.

Julie would be happy to help you decide which prints might be best for any upcoming birthdays, graduations Feel free to email julie (at) julieoriginals (dot) com

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