"Fab Feathered Five Desert Dwellers" by Julie Originals
This set of five blank greeting cards includes “Quail”, “Roadrunner”, “Anna’s Hummingbird”, “Elf Owl” and the “Pipevine Swallowtail”.

These “Desert Dwellers” have formed a superpower team  –“The Fab Flying Five”. Each creature is so beautiful and unique they each have their own greeting card now. Here’s a breakdown of this cast of characters.

QUAIL – I see these guys walk more than fly, but I’ve heard they can;) And you can’t get any cuter than a family of quail crossing a path.

ANNA’S HUMMINGBIRD – I was fortunate to see one fly really high-up in the air, then dive bomb down like a torpedo then flatten out! IMPRESSIVE.

ROADRUNNER – Love, Love, Love roadrunners! This is the largest of the “Fab Flying Five” team. Almost all the roadrunners I see tend to have a lizard in their mouth. Maybe I should have painted one like that?!

"Elf Owl" Greeting Card with Envelope by Julie Originals
The “Elf Owl” greeting card!

ELF OWL – Adorable and tiny! They make their little homes high-up in saguaros. So if you’d like to see one in person – I recommend visiting the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum if you want to see one up close!

PIPEVINE SWALLOWTAIL – Are just one of the zillions of beautiful butterflies in the world! I love the complementary colors in it’s wings.

The “Fab Feathered Five” Desert Dwellers greeting cards are now available. It includes one of each as well as an envelope.

Greeting Cards Set by Julie Originals - Back View
Back of the Box Set of Greeting Cards

The cards measure 7” x 5”. The inside is blank. The back includes the Julie Originals logo, image title and website. Each card is accompanied by a white envelope. The five cards and envelopes come in a clear quality package to protect and showcase the set.

“The Fab Flying Five” is available for purchase on my website.

Do you have any suggestions on other greeting cards sets I could make? Here’s all of the artwork to choose from. Thanks!

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