I adore perusing ETSY’s plethora of hand-made goods, but I always thought selling my own items would be a hassle. After today’s experience I question why I thought that. It took me only one hour to list my own item! I am happy to say you can view the greeting cards I am selling right now!

Father's Day Greeting Cards by Julie Originals
Father’s Day Greeting Card by Julie Rustad

It was extremely easy to list an item. Yes, I know listing is not the same as selling…but if I didn’t have anything on there – there’s know way I could sell something.

I thought the perfect thing to post would be the brand new greeting cards I had made for Father’s Day. June 17th 2012 will be here before you know it, so I figured it was time to make it happen.

First I did a search to find other fine art greeting cards on ETSY. I made notes about what I liked about certain listings. After I did my research, I went outside an photographed my new greeting cards. Then chose three that highlighted the front, inside and back of the card.

Front of the Father’s Day Card – “Siesta Key Sunday” by Julie Rustad

Then I navigated to “List An Item” on Esty. It was so easy to fill out all of the info. The developers at Etsy were smart to include lots of drop down menus to easily find the appropriate category. I think the part that took the longest for me to write was the description. I wanted to include info about the scene I painted, but also the greeting cards themselves.

What other information do you think I should I include?

Once everything was complete, I published and TA DA!…I am now a legit Etsy Seller (or lister)!

Since I am a newbie– do any of you Etsy Veterans have any good tips or success stories?

Please share — pretty please!

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