I was going to call this post – A Graphic Designer’s Rebel Against Computers, but then realized I am using a computer to write this blog, so I suppose the rebellion was pretty weak.

I am going to do my best though, to use this blog to share creative projects that aren’t all created on the computer. I have been a graphic designer for 15 years and I’ve missed drawing, painting, cutting, pasting (literally — not command C & V). Back in college when I was getting my bachelor’s in Graphic Design there seemed to be plenty of time! I used to draw and paint, then manipulate it in Photoshop and lay it out in InDesign (QuarkXpress back then). I loved using my fine art skills in combination with my software skills.

Fast forward to the present and I feel like I’m not able to create my own art like I used to. Deadlines, budgets and style are factors that have worked against me.

Now is the time for me to stop wishing and start doing. I am ready to use my experience with aesthetics, typography, and layout and get my hands DIRTY – sans laptop! I will document my process and share some really fun DIY projects too.

Join me on my creative adventure!

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