Desert Dwellers Flash Cards Barnes & Noble

On Saturday morning Moms, Dads, and their adorable kids came to Barnes & Noble to spend time learning about desert animals! We started with interactive games using Desert Dwellers Flash Cards Barnes & Noble.

Desert Dwellers Flash Cards and Tucson kids
Syver, Charlotte and Ellie in charge of the Desert Dwellers table before the event began!

A kid would pick a colorful card and we all act or sound like the animal. This is a perfect game even for younger children who may not know how to read yet. Then we would choose two cards and compare the animals.

Desert Dwellers Flash Cards by Julie Rustad won ADDY Award by American Advertising Federation Tucson
There’s lots of games to play with Desert Dwellers Flash Cards!

What were the similarities and what were the differences? I was very impressed with the children’s Desert Dwellers knowledge!

grea-horned owlat Desert Dwellers Event at Barnes & Noble
Joan Cass and Bubba, a great-horned owl from Tucson Wildlife Center

Then Joan Cass talked to us about how Tucson Wildlife Center helps a variety of our desert animals. She was holding Bubba, a striking great-horned owl who was injured as a baby. The kids were mesmerized by his large eyes and beauty.

We also talked about my visit to the center with one of my interns, Audra. While I was there I took photographs of the animals and learned about their stories.

julie rustad at Barnes & Noble presenting about desert dwellers
Julie Rustad talking about all the desert animals that Tucson Wildlife Center has helped!

This white pelican was relaxing at Tucson Wildlife Center when we visited. I think he was released the following day – so it was a real treat to see him in person! They originally had found him with hooks in his wing and tangled up in fishing line. They removed them and had to wait to find out where a flock had migrated to, so they could release him.

white pelican in Tucson, AZ at Tucson Wildlife CEnter
This young white pelican had fish hooks in his wing. Tucson Wildlife Center removed them and eventually was able to locate a flock for him to join back in the wild! Photo by Julie Rustad

Some desert animals likeĀ Lightning, must live at Tucson Wildlife Center. He was found in 2006 and was almost dead. While we were watching him, we were lucky enough to see him chow down on a mouse. (Kind of graphic – so I didn’t include that action shot)

red-tailed hawk at Tucson Wildlife Center
Lightning is a rare white Red-tailed hawk who is at Tucson Wildlife Center. Photo by Julie Rustad.

Then I revealed the original painting I was donating to Tucson Wildlife Center for their Annual Fundraiser, One Wild Night. No one knew what I was going to paint and it was excited for me to share this surprise with this wonderful group of families.

original painting of owl donated by artist Julie Rustad
The original painting of Bubba, the great-horned owl that Julie Rustad donated to Tucson Wildlife Center. The painting is 20″x20″ acrylic on wrapped canvas. Photo by Amy Mendoza.

After the presentation the families were invited to make crafts. One was an owl puppet which turned out really cute. Here’s the directions!

kids and desert dwellers in Barnes & Noble
Ben, Casey and Syver making cute owl puppets at the Desert Dwellers event

The younger kids also loved coloring some of the Desert Dwellers Coloring Pages!

Desert Dwellers Coloring pages by Julie Originals
Ellie, Stella and Charlotte using Desert Dwellers coloring pages at Barnes & Noble

I met some new families including Rachael & Jolene, who found out about the event through East Tucson Macaroni Kid!

Rachael bought her daughter a set of Desert Dwellers Flash Cards. Julie Rustad and Kindle Rising also.
Rachael bought her daughter a set of Desert Dwellers Flash Cards. Julie Rustad and Kindle Rising also.

Thanks to everyone who came – including some of my close friendsĀ  and also new families I hadn’t met before!

arizona family and desert dwellers at barnes & Noble
Josie, Wendy & Ben with their Desert Dwellers crafts they constructed!

Kindle’s daughters made exceptionally cute owl puppets and really knew a lot of desert dwellers facts!

owl puppet and Desert Dwellers FLash Cards in Barnes & Noble
Emmy, Clara & Kindle at Desert Dwellers Event

Barnes & Noble Eastside was very pleased and we will be planning more events for this year! Ryan, a photographer from Arizona Daily Star came and took photos throughout the event! Please check the paper on Sunday Jan 18th!

My next event will be Jan 24th at 11:30am at the Barnes & Noble at the Foothills Mall! This is a perfect venue for Oro Valley Moms and Dads to come to!

We’ll be playing more Desert Dwellers games and my family band, The Nap Skippers, will be rocking the bookstore!

Tucson family music band Nap Skippers
Jon, Syver and Julie Rustad in the family band, The Nap Skippers!

Hope to see you on the 24th!

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