Dylan Painting Finished by Julie Rustad

An inside source told me that Dylan who was turning six…was really into Star Wars!  So what better gift to make for Dylan than to paint his name Star Wars style. Here’s how I did it!

Dylan Painting Step 1 by Julie Rustad
Step 1

STEP: 1 I began by painting the canvas paper a bright red orange. Then I painted Dylan’s name in white. I based it on a free star wars font I found online.

Dylan Painting Step 2 by Julie Rustad
Step 2

STEP 2: I was thinking deep space, when I decided to paint a dark blue hue on top of the orange. Honestly, most the time..I’m not really thinking…I’m just painting and having fun!

Dylan Painting Step 3 by Julie Rustad
Step 3

STEP 3: I layered the background with the orange and tones of blue. I added yellow to the upper portion of “DYLAN” to really make his name the focal point of this painting.

Dylan Painting Finished by Julie Rustad

Step 4: After trimming the canvas paper I matted the painting. It looked Ok, but I decided to pump up the color and fun-factor and painted the ivory mat a wash of the yellow I used within the painting.

That’s it! Making something personalized for someone doesn’t have to be hard or expensive. Just thoughtful. Just think of what the person likes, their name, age etc and go for it!

I really enjoy creating gifts that are fun, personal and reflect the recipient.

What is one of your favorite personalized gifts you’ve made or received?

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