Tucson Coyote Acrylic Painting by Julie Orginals

This isn’t your typical teal and peach howling at the moon coyote! Here’s how I painted a more colorful and fun version of a Tucson coyote.

A visual step by step

STEP 1) Just like my previous Bighorn Sheep painting, I painted a vibrant color for the background. Because I am doing an animal alphabetic series, I tried to choose a different color than the background I used for the Hummingbird painting. I knew I was going to use a lot of orange and tans for the coyote, so I went with a complementary yellowish/green mix for the back.

Coyote Painting Step 1 Julie Orginals

STEP 2) After doing a “sketch” of the coyote’s body using one or two colors, I started filling more of it’s body in. I fill it in quickly before going into any details.

Tucson Coyote Painting Step 2 Julie Originals

STEP 3) At this point I add more dark and light values to so the coyotes look more dimensional. I also used brush strokes to mimic how the coyote’s fur lays.

Tucson Coyote Painting Step 3 by Julie Originals

STEP 4) I continued to add more detail using the smallest brush I own. I also added a desert background with some native plants. I chose to make them more of a secondary element. I wanted to make sure that the main focal point was still the coyote.

Tucson Coyote Painting Step 4 by Julie Originals

This 26 animal project is really inspiring me to paint during any available time that I have (which is tough, with a one year old!) For those two hours, I get to zone out and really enjoy the process.

What do you think the animal starting with “D” will be?

What’s your painting project?

My advice for those that want to start painting more, would be to come up with your own mini-project. For example, maybe you would like to give a few paintings for Christmas this year.  This would be the perfect time to start.

Come up with a list of who you’ll be creating them for. You can even customize each painting based on what your family is into. Say you’re dad likes golf –maybe you can take a photo of his favorite course and then paint it.

I would love to hear if any of you choose to create your own painting project. Please share with me how it’s going!

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