Took off from Tucson through Santa Fe!

Stayed the night in Denver with Jon’s cousins and their sweet dog Bella!

big dog and little boy snuggled
Bella and Syver snuggling up in Denver


From there we made a pit stop in Fort Collins for some fuel…

cookie eating kid
Thoroughly enjoying his cookie in Fort Collins.

Drove through Wyoming to Hill City, South Dakota. We stayed in the most adorable cabin which was fairly close to Rushmore!

cabin in south dakota
Sweet cabin in Hill City , SD!


We spent one of the days in Custer State Park – i highly recommend going there!!! Syver caught his first fish in one the lakes!

canoe in custer state park
First canoe trip and Syver caught his first fish!!! Custer State Park


herd of bison in Custer State Park
Bison in Custer State Park


We camped for Syver’s first time in Theodore Roosevelt National Park.

Cute guy near our text in Medora, North Dakota.
Cute guy near our tent in Medora, North Dakota.

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