As an artist and graphic designer I use many applications, but instead of focusing on the design products I use, I will be focusing on two applications I use daily to help run my business.


I use Freshbooks to keep track of my time and projects. The easy start and stop timer makes it so simple to keep an accurate record of how long projects take. When you create a “New Project” you can also set the budget. The budget progress bar makes it apparent when you are getting closer to the set budget for a project.

I find that accessing these records of time really help when creating proposals for new graphic design projects. I have an easier job estimating the costs based on my past projects.

I can also view what work I accomplished during the week and month. I like seeing it in a bird’s eye monthly view like this!

Screen Shot 2012-12-18 at 1.23.47 PM

I also love using Evernote. I use it to keep my running To Do Lists and brainstorm ideas. I started using it in November 2011 and have a zillion notes. I can access my notes from the website and the apps on my laptop, Ipad and phone.

I also use this to keep notes when I listen to my favorite podcasts like “Artists Helping Artists”. It is really easy to go back in time to look up information. You can also tag notes. Here’s how it looks when I am using the application on my laptop.


When planning my the launch party for my Desert Dwellers Flash Cards  I used Evernote for everything. From keeping track of RSVPS, to a list of media, fun questions for kids and more — it was essential!

For both of these applications I am using the most basic and free versions. I use them daily and they really have helped me keep track of time and what I am working on.

What applications help you be more productive?

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