Today I began a large alphabet project that I have been planning for awhile now. While my son was in class this morning, I pulled out my canvas paper, acrylics and got down to it. I began painting one of Tucson’s beloved little creatures, Anna’s Hummingbird.

I see these cuties everywhere, so I used some of the photos I had taken as reference. I put on a podcast and after two hours, I was done!

This will be one of 26 animals that I will be painting over the next month. Sound a little crazy?  Since I had previously created a children’s board book in two weeks, I am ready for this challenge too. Having a deadline forces me to take action. Do you find the same thing?

I will be posting each animal as I complete them, so please subscribe to find out what the next one will be.

What animal do you think “B” will be?

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